Essential Steps to Publish a Podcast

You’ve developed great content, executed a (near) flawless production, edited a masterpiece, and compressed it to a small fi le that works on an iPod … now what? Well, your podcast is ready to share with the world … so get it out there. You’ll need to place your podcast files on a fi le server that can be accessed from the Internet. You’ll need to find a location that can handle the demands of large fi les and lots of requests. After all, podcasts are relatively large compared to typical fi les that are accessed with web browsers. Below is a set of steps needed to successfully publish a podcast for consumption by the masses. The process essentially involves four steps:

ü  Select or register your web address or domain name. While you don’t have to choose a URL for your podcast, it is a good idea to have a domain name associated with your show. Ultimately your audience will want to interact; giving them a website to visit is essential to building an audience and a brand. You can use an existing website to host a blog and your podcast feed or you can register a new domain name. Popular registration services include www. and
ü  Select a podcast-hosting option. You need to find a storage solution that matches your hosting needs. This will be a combination of total storage and bandwidth allowances as well as technical support and customer service.

ü  Build a blog. Adding a blog to a podcast is essential if you want to build an audience. Your viewers can interact in forums, download resources related to your shows, and find additional opportunities to learn. A blog will also give you a chance to monetize your viewership by offering products for sale.

ü  Create an RSS feed. This is how your audience can subscribe to the content. A valid RSS feed is required for your podcast to be listed in directories.

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